ConnextCare Opens External Respiratory Center

ConnextCare staff and board of directors — along with state, county and village representatives — participate in the External Respiratory Center’s ribbon cutting Aug. 9. In attendance was NYS Senator Mark Walczyk. “Thank you for having this vision and investing in Pulaski because there is nothing more important than access to good healthcare, especially in rural areas”, he said.

ConnextCare recently held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the External Respiratory Center (ERC), a brand new acute care space constructed at the Pulaski office, the largest health center within the ConnextCare network.

The Aug. 9 ceremony coincided with National Health Center Week, a nationwide week of celebration to increase awareness of America’s 1,400 Community Health Centers, such as ConnextCare.

In June of 2021 the ConnextCare team began the early stages of planning for this project and exactly one-year later the team broke ground on the construction for what ConnextCare President and CEO Tricia Peter-Clark describes as the company’s “most innovative project to date.”

The ERC is the most progressive model of care of its kind in the region. It includes three new exam rooms, two of which are negative-pressure rooms utilized to complete acute care exams and pulmonary function testing for patients with COPD, as well as spirometry testing to assess asthmatic patients. The ERC also includes a lab to allow for point of care testing for things such as flu, COVID-19 and strep throat. A covered canopy outside the building even allows for patients with limited mobility to remain in their car while being treated. Prior to the soft opening of the ERC in May 2023, services such as these were only available to patients if they had the ability to travel outside of Oswego County.

In addition to the new clinical building, ConnextCare also added four electric car charging stations, a gazebo powered and equipped with Wi-Fi, an 1,100 square-foot walking trail for staff and community use, .7 acres of new parking spaces and reconstruction of the existing staff parking lot.

The updates to the Pulaski office were made possible with the assistance of GYMO Architectural and Engineering Firm and National Grid. Funding was made possible by the Health Resources and Services Administration including an ARPA award received from the U.S. Treasury and awarded by the Oswego County Legislature.