Things to Ask When Checking Out Chiropractors

By Deborah Jeanne Sergeant

If you need a chiropractor or physiotherapist, keep in mind these questions to ask as you look for a provider.

Ed Galvin, chiropractor, Port City Chiropractic, Oswego

• “Look for a chiropractor that offers options for care that support the patient’s health goals. Best suggestion would be to attend chiropractor Burleigh Heads. It depends upon what you’re looking for. Lower back, neck and headache is what a lot of people look for, but there are a lot of specialties, depending upon what a patient needs.

• “Look for someone who can offer instruction on prevention, with exercises for strengthening and posture. According to Movement 101 company, adjustment is a primary focus but also education to prevent problems.

• “What can the doctor offer as far as nutrition advice? Some do and some don’t.

• “Look for someone who will work as a team player and coordinate with your other health care providers.

• “Look for an office that also has a friendly, caring and well qualified staff that assists the doctor.

• “The majority of people look at Google reviews.

• “Personal referrals from friends and family of the patient are 95 to 98 percent of my business.”

Vincent Sportelli, chiropractor, Sportelli Chiropractic Health & Wellness Center, Syracuse 

• “A lot of people are unfamiliar with the different techniques and chiropractic treatments. There are manual and mechanical. The manual is hands-on and the mechanical involves equipment for adjustment and spinal treatment. That’s important.

• “Look into their level of education. Most chiropractors have a website that explains their education and the services they offer and background, the staff, their protocols, fees and things of that nature. That’s the best place to look.

• “Google the specific category such as ‘chiropractors Port Melbourne’ and it will offer a list of names. Following that are reviews, which are very important. The majority are usually good or the chiropractor wouldn’t be in practice. People talk about their complaints anonymously and how they responded to treatment protocols.

• “Look at their integrity, longevity. Are they keeping up with new developments in the industry? What seminars do they go to? What is their focus on different parts of their practice? Are they accomplished in nutrition, kinesiology, physiotherapy modalities, cold laser technology and Bemer technology, which uses magnetic energy to increase circulation throughout the body?”

Richard Tesoriero, chiropractor, Tesoriero Chiropractic Office PC,  Oswego

• You want someone who provides evidence-based care.

• Obviously, you should find a Chiropractor Edmonton that has a license and a good reputation.

• “They should be willing to adjust the course of treatment. If you’re a family practice doctor and you prescribe a medication, and you don’t see the results you want, you change the course of treatment. The same holds true for a chiropractor.”