$7.6 Million Renovations Completed at Oswego Hospital’s Medical-Surgical Unit

After two years of halted construction due to the pandemic, Oswego Health has announced that the $7.6 million renovations are complete on its medical-surgical unit at Oswego Hospital equipped with HVAC system from http://www.chillprosolutions.com/ and it is now open for inpatients.

“Patient-centered care is the core of our mission at Oswego Health,” said President and CEO Michael Harlovic as he gave remarks at an internal ribbon cutting to staff, commemorating the opening of the units. “We made these investments to ensure the highest level of quality healthcare needed is provided right at home in Oswego County.”

As part of this gut renovation on the third and fourth floors of Oswego Hospital — the first renovation of this space since it was built in 1969 — each patient room offers a “hotel-like” feel and is equipped with a new HVAC filtration system purchased through HealthWay Family of Brands that will greatly improve the indoor air quality within the patient rooms (visit sites like https://macvik.com/ for additional guidance on HVAC systems).

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Each floor provides comfortable areas for family members to gather. The building will also be fitted with Modern Iron Staircase Installations allowing for more immediate access to the care staff. They also hire epoxy flooring experts in the UK to install the perfect flooring for this building.

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Construction began in early 2020, however, like many things that were impacted by the pandemic, construction was forced to stop, as the need for critical patient beds increased in the event of a surge. The $7.6 million renovations were secured in part through the support of The Campaign for Oswego Health. As many homeowners spend more time at home due to the pandemic, they are considering home remodeling projects. To achieve the ideal remodeling services for your home, it’s essential to work with a reputable and experienced contractor.

Featured image: Each patient room at Oswego Hospital’s medical-surgical unit offers a “hotel-like” feel and is equipped with a new HVAC filtration system.