Do’s & Don’ts: Summer Fitness for Women

By Deborah Jeanne Sergeant

ExerciseWarm, sun-filled days can jumpstart your fitness routine. Try these tips from area experts to make this your fittest summer yet.

• “Especially in the heat, you need to drink water.

• “What a lot of people don’t think about it salt. You lose a lot of salt when you’re dehydrated. It will help you retain and hold the water. We have a recipe for a drink if they’re going to play out in the heat. Into 24 oz. of ice water, squeeze one lemon into it, and add 1/8 tsp. of pink Himalayan salt, and stir in 1 to 2 of stevia packets for sweetener.

• “Anytime you’re in the heat, wear a hat.

• “If you’re feeling lightheaded and have a loss of energy, that’s the first sign you need some fuel. Bring along quick snacks or gels or energy bars. They have a lot of calories in them. Or some trail mix.

• “Especially on a very hot day, don’t exercise in the peak heat in the middle of the day. Do it in early morning or late at night.

• “Change up your routine. We have lots of lakes so you can get into kayaking and stuff like that, and swimming. Enjoy the the good weather — we only get it once in a while.”

John Mossotti, bachelor’s in human performance and health promotion, owner Elite Personal Fitness in Camillus.

• “When you’re out in the sun, it becomes more important to have more water. I don’t know how many times people come in and say they drink a lot of water — they mean they only drink two water bottles [which is not enough].

• “Proper clothing goes a long way toward having a safe time out there.

“People don’t always think about the shoes they should be wearing. I have a lot of patients who may not realize they’re going to go for a hike and they’re in flip-flops. If you are going to be active, wear a sneaker or hiking shoes if you’re going to be hiking.

• “Clothes vary person to person. Some are allergic to different fabrics. You need clothing that is moisture wicking and is going to breathe.

• “Wear sunscreen, following the directions on the bottle, anytime you’re outside. So many ignore sunscreen when it’s cloudy.”

Elizabeth Cullen, doctorate in physical therapy and owner of CNY Physical Therapy and Aquatics   Camillus and North Syracuse.

• “You can go walking; you don’t have to run. A lot of people think when they want to start exercising that only running will do, but brisk walking works.

• “Use of a bicycle can help you get fit. That’s huge. Some people may be scared of it for safety, but on a canal path, it can be safe.

• “It’s relaxing to get outside. The sunshine makes everyone feel better and it’s good for vitamin D generation.

• “Always have hydration with you. The normal amount of water you need is half your body weight in ounces. That’s a lot. I keep a 20-oz bottle with me if I’m outside doing some form of activity for about an hour. When I’m on a bike ride, it may be long, so I have two 20-oz. bottles.

• “Even if you think you’re going out for 45 minutes to an hour walking, have a nutrition bar or snack because you never know if your body isn’t feeling well and your glucose level goes down you might need something.

• “Try swimming. There’s a lot of outdoor pools.”

Barb St. Pierre, who has a bachelor’s in exercise science and is a certified with the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a personal trainer, owns Trillium Sport & Fitness, Syracuse