Farnham Family Services Brings Services to Mexico Area

Nurses at Mexico Clinic review lab results at Farnham Family Services new clinic in Mexico. From left are nurses Haley Baker, Crystal Arnold and Kari Firenze.

Farnham Family Services, a nonprofit organization that helps people with substance use and behavioral health disorders in Oswego County, has recently opened a new clinic in Mexico. 

The clinic will make it easier for residents in the northern and eastern parts of the county to access Farnham’s life-saving opioid treatment program (OTP), according to the organization.

Farnham’s OTP offers a combination of medication and therapy to help people maintain abstinence from illicit opioids such as heroin and fentanyl as well as address other areas of their life be it mental or physical health or vocational assistance.   

“The ability to access our opioid treatment program in Mexico is a tremendous benefit to those seeking treatment for opioid use disorder,” said Mark Raymond, director of Farnham’s opioid treatment program. “Prior to bringing our opioid treatment program to Mexico, people living in Mexico and the surrounding areas may have had to travel outside Oswego County to access similar services. Those individuals are now able to access those same services much closer to home in a more comfortable and familiar setting.”

The clinic is located at 111 Hamilton St.