For Beth Ann Dice, it’s All About Helping Others to Be Healthy

A certified cancer exercise specialist, she focuses particularly on women who are experiencing chronic pain

By Steve Yablonski

A certified cancer exercise specialist, Beth Ann Dice worked with clients more than five years before opening MISSION:midlife Wellness Studio, 215 Cayuga St. in Fulton in 2018.

Her programs aid midlife and older women in leading healthy, fulfilling lives. She focuses on women who are experiencing chronic pain. It’s the only facility in the area to offer a cancer exercise program.

“I started simple; got lifestyle and weight management certification, while studying for personal trainer certification,” she said. “I then completed the stress management coach certification.” Health isn’t some unrealistic state. It’s “doing all you can do to be as healthy as you can be,” she said.

Her narrow focus on women’s wellness and chronic conditions allows her to better serve those with unique health needs.

She attracts women who “may not be comfortable in a traditional gym or fitness center,” she explained.

She coined a term, “chronic wellness,” where clients focus on the things that are right and healthy and their abilities; instead of whatever diagnosis they have.

Dice uses what she calls her four M method to wellness: meals, movement and mindset. Put them together, they create the fourth ‘M,’ the magic of a healthier lifestyle.

“Wellness is like a three-legged stool with meals, movement and mindset being the legs that hold up the seat, which is the magic, if you will. If you shortchange one or remove one leg, the stool falls over,” she explained. “I want to have an actual three-legged stool built so I can demonstrate this.”

The No. 1 thing she hears from women when she first meets them is “they just want to feel good.”

“Sure, there’re weight loss goals in there and other health and wellness goals,” she said. “The overwhelming message it all boils down to is they just want to feel good. As I start working with a new client, suddenly weight loss becomes secondary. They’re starting to feel good!”

She’s had more than one client remark, after just a few weeks with her: “I feel so good! I don’t care if I lose another pound” or, “I had another doctor appointment today and they said they don’t know what you’re doing, but keep it up!”

Her most touching message was from a woman who said: “I had to let you know that I just realized that I have been active for more than two hours (doing housework and laundry) and didn’t have to sit down once. I even made my husband lunch for the first time in years!”

“This is the stuff that matters; not the numbers on the scale or measuring tape,” Dice said. “It’s being able to live life to the fullest with your loved ones.”

She shared another favorite memory. One of her first clients, who’s still with her, is a full-time overnight private duty nurse and single mom with two boys, who’s working on her RN degree.

“She came to me not really liking vegetables. As an avid cook and vegetable lover myself, I encouraged her to try new things and shared with her a number of my favorite vegetables and preparation methods,” Dice said. “Now, she sends me veggie recipes and she shares with her boys a love of vegetables.”