Dr. Michelle Bode elected president of Crouse’s medical staff

The Crouse Health Medical Executive Committee (MEC) recently announced the results of its 2020 officer and member-at-large election.

Elected for a two-year term, July 1, 2020, through June 30, 2022, are physicians Michelle Bode, president; Leland Jackson, vice president; and Maria Ciciarelli, secretary/treasurer. Physician Hayes Wanamaker, former president, will assume the role of past president.

New members at large, elected for a two-year term, are physicians Anil George, Guillermo Quetell, Anthony Barraco and Andrew Gaydo. These physicians join current members at large Matthew Egan and Richard Steinmann, both physicians.

In addition, the Crouse Health board of directors has reappointed department chiefs, physicians Michael Duffy, anesthesiology, and David Landsberg, medicine, each for a four-year term.

Gynecologist John Nosovitch has been appointed new department chief of obstetrics and gynecology while orthopedic surgeon Todd Battaglia has been appointed as new department chief of orthopedics.

Welcoming the new members — all physicians — are current department chiefs Sami Abdul-Malak, neurology; Tolani Ajagbe, psychiatry; David Albala, urology; Rachel Elder, pathology; Thomas Green, medical imaging; Thomas Hartzheim, surgery; Leland Jackson, family medicine; David Mason, emergency medicine; Ross Moquin, neurosurgery; Frank Smith, pediatrics; Sam Spalding, ophthalmology; and Hayes Wanamaker, otolaryngology.

The medical staff recognized the contributions of the following physicians for their service to Crouse Health: past president David Landsberg; secretary/treasurer Douglas Bunn; members at large Rebecca Reeves, and David Nesbitt; and department chiefs Robert Silverman, OB-GYN, and Timothy Izant, orthopedics.

Photo: Bode