Helio Health appoints new leadership member

Helio Health recently announced that Jeff Justice will be part of organization’s leadership team and will serve as vice president of finance and facilities.

“We are excited to have Jeff on our leadership team. I look forward to him building and empowering our team and contributing to the growth of our organization,” said Helio Health President and CEO Jeremy Klemanski.

Justice has over 15 years of accounting experience with extensive finance management expertise combined with strong business acumen. He has been involved with finance operations of multiple nonprofit organizations.

His recent experience at Helio Health includes capital campaign funding to build a new facility to increase regional service capacity.

“Since joining Helio Health in a different role, I have had the opportunity to work closely with some members of the leadership team. I have learned firsthand this is an organization that truly cares about its clients, employees and communities they serve,” Justice said. “Helio Health has grown greatly in the past few years while maintaining strong forward-thinking programs. I am excited to join Helio Health’s leadership team and be a part of their innovative approach to treatment, recovery and business growth.”

Photo: Justice