Oswego County Integrated Delivery Network Awarded $776,537

The Oswego County Integrated Delivery Network (OCIDN) was awarded $776,537 from the Central New York Care Collaborative, Inc. (CNYCC).

The award was included in an announcement by CCNY of $8.4 million in awards for 15 healthcare and community-based related projects across Central New York through its innovation fund.

The innovation fund was established by Central New York Care Collaborative in 2017 to help coordinate services and improve care for Medicaid and uninsured patients by funding creative approaches that address physical, social and mental health needs while also fostering cross-sector partnerships throughout six counties in the region (Cayuga, Lewis, Madison, Oneida, Onondaga, and Oswego).

The 2019 innovation fund awardees were selected from nearly 40 applications submitted from local organizations. Applicants submitted proposals that were scored and ranked by an independent evaluator based on several key considerations (innovativeness, compelling need, collaboration with other organizations etc.). In total, the 15 projects were selected to receive funding to develop programs that address critical areas of need.

ConnextCare, based in Pulaski, was the lead applicant for the funds on behalf of OCIDN.

The funds will support a “collaborative system of care to improve cardiovascular disease outcomes in Oswego County.”

The goal of the project is to improve the health outcomes and reduce costs for Oswego County residents with or at-risk for cardiovascular disease (CVD). To achieve this goal, ConnextCare, with its OCIDN partners, will implement an integrated population health management system of care for residents with or at-risk for CVD.

The project will integrate services among key Oswego County care and service providers and implement a clinical care management and care coordination system across primary care, substance use disorder, specialty, hospital, and social service providers.

The project will also integrate healthcare services with community-based services, including self-management education programs, nutritional counseling, and services addressing social determinants of health. This will enable to managing populations from a whole-person care perspective. “This integrated approach will also serve to expand the reach of population health management beyond the walls of the delivery system and into the community,” said Daniel Dey, president and CEO of ConnextCare. “When it is in place, the OCIDN system of care will provide services to an estimated 6,200 adults with or at-risk for CVD annually, including an estimated 1,800 Medicaid patients.”

OCIDN is comprised of ConnextCare, Catholic Charities of Oswego County, Farnham Family Services, Oswego County Department of Social Services, Oswego County Health Department, Oswego Health, Oswego County Opportunities, and St. Luke Health Services.

OCIDN was established with a Rural Health Network of Oswego County’s planning grant that was awarded in 2016.

The purpose of the planning grant was to develop a roadmap to establish an integrated care management system across providers in Oswego County.

The successful grant administration led to the formation of the Oswego County Integrated Delivery Network. According to Eric Bresee, OCIDN’s chairman, “OCIDN’s membership represents stakeholders across health care and community-based service providers. OCIDN’s clinical-community partnership includes community-based entities that that address medical, behavioral health, substance use, and social needs, thus enabling us to create a holistic approach to care for residents of Oswego County.”