Oswego Health RN Promoted Twice During Pandemic

Oswego Health makes it a priority to recognize staff for their hard work and commitment to the organization and its patients. One key staff member who has stepped up throughout the pandemic is registered nurse Ryan French, according to the hospital.

French started her career at Oswego Health as a newly licensed RN in the medical surgical unit in 2010. Her career quickly escalated within the organization and within one year transitioned to the intensive care unit. By 2017 she was promoted to senior registered nurse in the ambulatory surgical unit.  ast spring, French was promoted to oversee the entire intensive care unit as director of the ICU. Now, Oswego Health is once again recognizing French and her hard work. She will now serve in two roles for Oswego Health as the director of the ICU and director of respiratory therapy.

Respiratory therapists treat diseases, infections, and viruses of the cardiopulmonary system, such as lung cancer, asthma, emphysema, bronchitis, and pneumonia. They are vital to the care of COVID-19 patients and Oswego Health has an entire team dedicated to respiratory illnesses, which French will lead.

“We are fortunate to have such talented and dedicated nursing staff at Oswego Health,” said director of nursing, Melissa Purtell. “Throughout this pandemic, Ryan has proven to be not only a remarkable RN but a leader here at the hospital. I’m proud of her accomplishments and look forward to continuing to see her grow here at Oswego Health.”

Photo: French