Healthy Meals, Delivered

Here’s how to get the good stuff brought right to your doorstep

By Deborah Jeanne Sergeant

Do you want ready-made meals for your busy weekday dinners? How about each meal, seven days a week?

A bevy of food delivery services have you covered, whether you want to heat and eat or do a bit of prep work.

Based in Brighton, Project LeanNation operates a franchise in Camillus. Choose from among 24-plus chef-prepared meals with a focus on healthful weight loss. The meals cost an average of $8.50. Project LeanNation also includes one-on-one health coaching.

Off the Muck Market in Canastota delivers local produce and local farm goods based upon three different box sizes weekly and biweekly. Think of it as a CSA that delivers, but also provides a lot of shelf-stable grocery items, like coffee, pasta and jarred hot tomato oil. There’s also locally made bread; grass-fed and organic beef and eggs; and cheese. The “middle-sized” Essential Muck Box is $36.95.

Certified health coach Alexandra Nero founded Boss Meal Prep in Syracuse. The meal plans focus on specific health goals and interests, including weight loss, athletic performance, nutrient-rich and muscle building. Entrees average $12.

Eat Clean to Go operates a Syracuse location, which prepares meals that are plant-based, keto, paleo or traditional. Meals start at $9.60 each.

Based in Auburn, Knifehand Nutrition provides nutrient-dense meal delivery options including meals that are plant-based, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and nut-free. They average about $12 per meal.

Whether you want the chef to prepare the food at your home for yourself and guests or you want to reheat a prepared entrée to eat, Chef Brian has you covered with Chef Brian’s Chef Experience and Chef Brian’s Meal Prep. The Syracuse-based company offers traditional meals, but with the option to have sauces, gravies and cheese garnishes on the side, which can help you cut fat and calories. Meals average $15.75 each.

Based in Germany but with US locations as well, HelloFresh provides meal kits for busy chefs to complete at home. The weekly selections include 100 options for any meal, plus snacks and desserts. “Fit and Wholesome” and “Veggies” are among the menu categories. The meals cost about $10 each, plus shipping.

Before signing up for a meal delivery service, see if a trial period is available to ensure you can sample the food for a bit. In addition, compare the cost based upon the price per meal and shipping, not just for the cost of the food. Buying a package with more meals tends to make each cost a little less. Most companies require ordering by a certain day of the week, so plan to do so to avoid disappointment. Ask about any special dietary requirements such as allergies and food sensitivities before signing up. Some companies can accommodate these.


Local Businesses that Offer Meal Delivery

Boss Meal Prep

Chef Brian’s Meal Prep

Project LeanNation

Off the Muck Market

Eat Clean to Go

Knifehand Nutrition

Hello Fresh