SOS doctor gets trained in prone transpsoas surgery

Justin Iorio
Justin Iorio

Syracuse Orthopedic Specialists (SOS) announced that Justin Iorio, a spinal surgeon with the practice, is the first physician in the area to be trained and certified in prone transpsoas, or PTP, surgery.

With the PTP approach, patients undergoing minimally invasive surgery (MIS) are placed in a single position for the entire procedure, yet there is full access to the spine for various MIS techniques. This type of procedure negates the need for additional surgical tables, reduces the time of surgery and also reduces the patient’s time under anesthesia.

The PTP technique leverages the benefits achieved via lateral spine fusion procedures to treat a wide range of patient pathologies. The PTP system combines the PTP Patient Positioning System, Sigma-PTP Access System, and SafeOp Neuromonitoring. Its principal difference from the standard lateral procedure relies on positioning the patient prone, allowing for a streamlined surgical approach that addresses many of the challenges that have limited adoption of lateral spine fusion.

“The benefits of PTP procedure for the patient are multiple,” said Iorio. “It mitigates blood loss, reduces the risk of infection and surgical trauma to the body, and thereby decreases the length of a post-operative hospital stay.” He also notes that smaller incisions are made causing less pain which reduces the need for pain medication.

PTP integrates a SafeOp Neuromonitoring system that provides real-time, objective information on the integrity of the femoral nerve, providing the surgeon critical feedback during the procedure.

“I can immediately see on a tablet if nerve dysfunction sets in,” says Iorio. “This gives flexibility in operative planning and techniques during a procedure which allows us to protect the integrity of the nerve.”