Loretto coach promoted to manager of employee retention

Michelle Cuttler was Loretto’s very first employee coach when the organization launched its coaching program in early 2020. She has now been promoted to manager of retention for Loretto’s employees.

As manager of retention, Cuttler will lead Loretto’s long-term employee engagement strategy by developing employee training and retention initiatives that supporting the organization’s employee engagement strategy. She will help employees navigate career ladders so they can advance within the company, including Loretto’s LPN apprentice program; and she will oversee employee recognition programs, including benchmark celebrations, graduations and other programs to help employees remain and flourish at Loretto.

“Michelle’s dedication to making sure others succeed at work is precisely what the long-term care industry needs, and her success as a coach was exactly the reason why we expanded the employee coach team,” said Holly Hoehner, interim vice president of human resources at Loretto.